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Heavy Equipment Parts
Heavy Equipment Parts
Heavy Equipment Parts
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Spare parts or spare parts are goods that consist of several components that form a single unit and have certain functions. Each machine consists of many components, but the components that are often damaged and replaced will be discussed. There are several systems / components which are also included in a number of small components, for example a system engine that has components inside, namely fuel injection pump, water pump, starting motor, alternator, oil pump, compressor, power steering pump, turbocharger, seal kit / packing, and etc. There are also hydraulic systems that have components inside, namely the gear pump, rod cylinder, boom cylinder, seal kit, control valve, etc.

Our commitment is to maintain good relations and after sales service so that goal relationships are created.

All of this is in accordance with our tagline "together we growth".

We also sell spare parts for excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts and some other heavy equipment.

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