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Skid Steer Loader TCM
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Specification of

Skid Steer Loader TCM

Designed and built to meet customer requirements and robust material handling requirements, thereby enjoying the market share of skid steer loaders in Japan.

Hydraulic leveling mechanism
The bucket can always be leveled while raising the efficient charge with less load spills. While lifting the bucket, there is no pedal control required for simple and easy operation.

Top-Class Dumping Reach and Clearance
The ideal matching with disposal and cleaning range helps reduce load handling for higher work efficiency. The new R-shaped roll improves the liquid discharge. The increased roll-back bucket angle minimizes the falling load.

HST System (Hydro-Static Transmission)
The dual-pump, dual-motor HST system brings excellent maneuverability, pivot rotation, agile movement, and lots of traction power even on slippery ground. A clean, large power engine gives the engine extra strength and speed, and enhances environmental friendliness.

Increased Travel Speed ​​and Drawbar-Pull
Travel speed and drawbar-pull can be kept under control
HST systems and steering levers to suit the needs of the work to be efficient
use of engine horsepower.

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