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Forklift Electric / Forklift Battery China
Forklift Electric / Forklift Battery China
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The advantage of electric forklifts is free maintenance, the forklift does not require routine special maintenance because it does not use the engine so it only needs to pay attention to the forklift mechanics, that is, the driving lifting part of the mast must be given regular oil. The battery only needs to pay attention to the charging. For charging, it should not be until the indicator shows that it is completely exhausted. You don't need to worry about charging if it's too long because on electric forklifts that use sophisticated systems use chip charging protection.Also checking should not be half - half must be finished completely because the half - half filling can shorten battery life. The temperature at the time of charging must also be taken into account because if heat can make the battery damaged. In the wet battery that must be considered is the level / limit of battery water from the top plate submerged around 3mm. For the operation it is very easy for electric forklifts because the principle is like an electric car that is environmentally friendly. Very easy to use and friendly to the environment, suitable for use in outdoor or indoor.
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