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Excavator Doosan DX225 LCA
Excavator Doosan DX225 LCA
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Exciter Doosan DX225 LCA

The higher the load of jobs and projects that use the heavy equipment in your company today, with the increasing competition and job demands, you need a reliable tool that helps improve the productivity and efficiency of your work / project.
We come with Excavator with Korean "DOOSAN" brand, which provides solution for your problem with capacity of 14-26 Ton (crawler / wheel).
Series is a heavy equipment excavator with a capacity of 21.5 tons.

Our advantage
- Unrivaled fuel efficiency
- Power, agility, and incredible flexibility to ensure increased productivity
- Full power, High Durability, and maximum tonnage in its class.

we offer for joint discussion on cooperation in ease of purchase process, competitive price, warranty and best quality, stock availability and after sales guarantee for After Market quality from service team side with experienced mechanics and spare parts availability support.

Let's prove it ... !!! We are ready to your place and help improve your productivity

Best price and service for you.

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