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Excavator Doosan DX190WA
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Specification of

Exciter Doosan DX190WA

Engine Power: SAE J1349, net 116 kW (158 PS, 155 HP) @ 1.900 rpm
Operating Weight: 18,500 ~ 19,860 kg
Bucket / SAE: 0.38 ~ 0.93 m3

Durable components ensure adequate working hours
without down time.

Maximum performance by Doosan in the home machine
• Doosan in-house engines are perfectly aligned with hydraulic systems and provide strong power.
• Mechanical machinery provides high resistance to moisture, dust, and poor fuel quality.

Best Industrial Stability
• 3.0 ton Counter weight (largest)
• 2,700 wheel based (widest)

The new Doosan swing reduction equipment minimizes the shock during rotation while making increased swing torque.

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